Bear’s Best Atlanta – Hole-by-Hole

Hole #1 (St. Mellion Hotel Golf & Country Club #10, England)
A medium length par-4 playing 100 feet downhill from tee to green to a narrow fairway.Second shot club selection will be difficult to a small green guarded by a waste bunker on the right and undulating slopes left and back.

Hole #2 (Sherwood Country Club #10, California)
A short par-4 dogleg left to a fairway well protected on both sides by trees. A bunker situated just short of the green in the center of the fairway guards the narrow approach.The green is protected by sand left and a large oak tree on the right. Long hitters will be tempted to go for the green off the tee here.

Hole #3 (Spring Creek Ranch #13, Tennessee)
This 165 yard par-3 is guarded in front by a dry streambed making club selection critical. The green is protected by a large deep bunker left and 2 bunkers on the right. The multitiered green will add extra challenge to this beautiful par 3.

Hole #4 (Old Works Golf Course #2, Montana)
A 387 yard par-4 dogleg right. Approach shots to this medium sized green will have to avoid 2 bunkers on the right and 1 on the left. Black bunker sand is a distinctive feature here and will make this a memorable hole.

Hole #5 (The Golf Club of Purchase #5, New York)
A large wetland in front of the tees guards this wide fairway which is free of bunkers.Approach shots will need to carry another wetland which crosses the fairway just short of the green. The green is a narrow target protected on the left by a large bunker.

Hole #6 (Muirfield Village Golf Club #12, Ohio)
At 155 yards, this beautiful par-3 plays entirely over water from an elevated tee.The green here is small and well protected by bunkers both front and back. The steep slope behind the green will make anything long a difficult up and down.

Hole #7 (Shoal Creek Country Club #3, Alabama)
At 557 yards,this straight away par-5 plays to a narrow fairway guarded by 2 large bunkers on the left. Second shots play to an approach guarded by a large bunker on the right.The long narrow green is well guarded by deep bunkers both left and right.

Hole #8 (The Club at Nevillewood #9, Pennsylvania)
This medium length par-4 plays slightly uphill to a wide fairway.Approach shots will have to carry the 3 ponds which guard the front and right side of the green.

Hole #9 (TPC of Michigan #7, Michigan)
A medium length par-5, tee shots will have to avoid 3 bunkers down the right side. Second shots are to a narrow fairway guarded on both sides by bunkers.The undulating green is well protected by 3 bunkers.

Hole #10 (Mount Juliet #15, Ireland)
A deep swale with 6 bunkers crosses the fairway short of the green on this short par-4. Most players will decide to lay up short of the trouble leaving a medium to short iron into this large undulating green surrounded by 3 bunkers.

Hole #11 (PGA National #15 – Championship Course, Florida)
A 177 yard par-3 playing entirely over water.The green is guarded by water right and long and by sand on the left.

Hole #12 (Gleneagles #18 – PGA Centenary Course, Scotland)
At 523 yards, this par-5 plays 65 feet uphill from tee to green. A large bunker short right of the green guards the narrow approach. Undulating slopes and a bunker back right guard this large green.

Hole #13 (Muirfield Village Golf Club #3, Ohio)
A medium length dogleg left par-4 The tee shot plays downhill to a landing zone protected by trees left and bunkers right.The second shot requires a carry over a deep native area to a green surrounded by 4 bunkers. Undulating slopes around the green will make getting up and down difficult here.

Hole #14 (Governors Club #17, North Carolina)
At 565 yards, #14 is the longest par-5 at Bears Best Atlanta.The tee shot plays uphill to a small landing area guarded by a bunker on the right and OB left. The second shot plays downhill to a well protected green.A large bunker crosses the fairway short of the green forcing all but the longest hitters to lay up on their second shots.

Hole #15 (Sherwood Country Club #1, California)
A medium length par-4.Tee shots to the right side of the fairway will offer the best angle into this narrow green. Deep bunkers both right and left guard the undulating green.

Hole #16 (Elk River Club #7, North Carolina)
Club selection is critical on this picturesque par-3.The tee shot plays 35 feet downhill to a small undulating green surrounded by 4 bunkers.Anything long will require a delicate chip back up the hill.

Hole #17 (Gleneagles #3 – PGA Centenary Course, Scotland)
A medium length par-4 dogleg right. 3 bunkers guard the right side of the fairway awaiting anyone who tries to cut the corner off the tee. The second shot plays uphill to a green guarded both left and right by bunkers.

Hole #18 (Castle Pines Golf Club #18, Colorado)
Tee shots on this 416-yard, par-4 finishing hole play slightly uphill to a landing area guarded on the left by a large bunker.Second shots from the left side of the fairway will require a long carry over 11 fairway bunkers to reach the green. The green is protected on 3 sides by bunkers.

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